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The BrainKey Difference

Anyone who has had the privilege of teaching English as a second language also knows the challenges it brings. One of most common is motivating students, especially children, to open up their mouths to speak. Often it's because they are shy or simply afraid of making mistakes. In either case we as teachers know that unless they speak out, no progress can be made. At BrainKey English we've discovered the Keys that unlock a child's freedom to speak. During lessons children not only speak out freely but often compete with their classmates to do so. This innovative, original curriculum combines attractive imagery and compelling natural prompts that motivate students to want to speak out spontaneously. 

BrainKey English lessons restores the joy of teaching by incorporating onscreen teaching prompts and clickable instructions. This means our lessons are truly no-to-low prep and a pleasure to teach. It also means that as a teacher you can now focus more on the fun and less on the formalities. But don't take our word for it, try for FREE today!

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