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Who We Are


Jessica McCormick


As an avid student of language, Jessica is fluent in 3 languages, English, Spanish and Mandarin Chinese. In her efforts to learn these languages she observed first-hand the challenges of learning to understand and speak a foreign language. This also sparked in her a desire to make the process easier. After teaching English to children for over 8 years in Asia, she dedicated herself to designing an ESL curriculum that truly motivates students to WANT to speak out. Jessica holds a bachelor's degree in language education and is TESOL certified.


Vester McCormick III


Having raised two multi-lingual children including Jessica, Vester has personally observed the intellectual and cultural impacts of learning a foreign language. As a semi-fluent speaker of Mandarin Chinese, he knows the value of speaking out while learning. Vester's primary role is overseeing the graphical layout and design of BrainKey's curriculum. Vester hold's a bachelor's degree in language education as well a TESOL certification.

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