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Get More Students NOW!

Let’s face it. The challenges facing ESL schools today are many and complex. Competition is fierce and schools face other challenges such as adapting to online learning, addressing diverse student needs, ensuring effective language acquisition, and navigating cultural differences in a globalized educational landscape. Additionally, recruiting qualified instructors and integrating technology into language instruction are ongoing concerns.


Simply surviving is not enough anymore. Today it's either growth or the grave. When it comes to ESL, the primary driver of growth is student referrals. Students and more specifically their parents refer others when they see tangible results within a reasonable time frame. And the shorter that time frame the better. Because our lessons motivate kids to enthusiastically speak out right from the start, their progress is obvious. As a result, the reputation of the school grows and it becomes a magnet for parents seeking a quality ESL program.

Another major contributor to growth is low teacher turnover. The reality is that the more enjoyable your curriculum is to teach, the longer teachers will stay with you. In addition to fair compensation, it is one of the most sought after benefits they consider when looking for work. Providing your teachers with fun, easy-to-teach, low-to-no prep lessons fosters a symbiotic relationship between teachers and students. It creates an environment where language acquisition is not only effective but also enjoyable for all. Try BrainKey English

for FREE today!

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